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Island Aerobics/Spin Avalon - Class Descriptions
Description of New Classes & Challenges
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Classes will be added as needed!

Cardio Chisel - A combination class that intervals various cardio combinations with effective sculpting (chiseling) of the muscles.

Cardio Step - on Saturday, its non stop choreography. This class is for experienced steppers. Combinations definitely keep the mind in the game!

Cardio Step - Cardio Step without intricate combinations. Its fast and repetitive , works the heart to the max. There is some strength class in this class, too.

Muscle Flo & Flex - Keeps you lean, toned, and fit. Multi - faceted weight class that challenges all of your major muscle groups.

No Jump Pump - A powerful stationary strength class using multiple group exercise tools with no jumping or impact. A cardio option will be available for those who want to combine aerobic conditioning with intense strength work.

Power Pump - Like Body Pump - works all major muscle groups!

Sandbarre - A barre "plus" class at Stone harbor Rec. Developed by Dana - Lengthen and tone with Dana's Bandleballs - A unique experience!!!!

Spin Stationary - Stationary ride to great music, burn mucho calories, heart and legs say thank you.

Spin - Excellent fat-burner- great for legs & heart. All new Spin Studio takes you to "another world". Instructors are creative and diverse. Class is 50 minutes from start to finish.

Spin-n-Sculpt - A 30/30 class consisting of a lively step for 30 minutes and a thirty minute weight training class.

Spin-n-Strength - Similar to Ripped Ride and to SOULFUL Cycle. Spin is enhanced by using various tools to include upper body strength work.

Step, Sticks & Core - Step made simple for great cardio. Sticks pound the floor for exceptional core work, rhythm, and agility. Strong workout for the core body!

Strictly Step - "Guy Matthews" need we say more? Guy teaches step all over Philadelphia and keeps it alive in Avalon! Great choreography. Cardio workout that's mindful!

Strictly Strength - All chiseling and sculpting of the muscles. Consists of a quick warm-up and a systematic program to develop strength and muscle endurance.

Style, Strength and Sticks - A cardio intense choreographed and routine-based workout utilizing body weight, drumsticks, and other equipment to target all the major muscle groups.

Yoga on the Bay - Enjoy the gentle laps of the Baywater as you commune with nature on the deck of Bayside fitness-Yoga classes for all levels.

Yoga on the Beach - 30th street Beach is your yoga retreat. Watch the Dolfins play as you flow into your yoga postures and breathe in the beautiful sea air. Dion does strength - Master trainer, Dion, leads you in strength work that enhances all major muscle fibers and overall health and appearance.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion - A flowing class combining yoga postures with effective pilates positions and moves. Strong yet relaxing!

Yoga - In our Studio - Powerful yet flowing and beautiful. Yoga that is strong, empowering, creative, and sometimes rhythmic always with music. Everyone Welcome!

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