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Island Aerobics/Spin Avalon - Class Descriptions
Description of New Classes & Challenges
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Classes will be added as needed!

Box and Brawn - If you want to burn calories (fat), grow stronger, and MOVE, try Box -n- Brawn. This class has exceptional cardio, strong muscle work, and is taught to the beat of great music. Box-n-Brawn will create pride in self!

Dance Fitness - Intervals of dance combinations with fitness activities using various tools will provide cardio and strength work for all. This class will appeal to all! The variety of music from many genres makes for fun and effective fitness experience!

HIIT the Barre - A high intensity class with Bursts of power and strength in the contest of "Barre".

No Jump Pump - A powerful stationary strength class using multiple group exercise tools with no jumping or impact. A cardio option will be available for those who want to combine aerobic conditioning with intense strength work.

Ripped Ride - A forty minute spin with the addition of upper body strength work to create a total body workout.

Sandbarre - Click Here for Sandbarre web site

Soulful Cycle - This class is designed for those who love SOUL CYCLE.

Spin - Excellent fat-burner- great for legs & heart. All new Spin Studio takes you to "another world". Instructors are creative and diverse. Class is 50 minutes from start to finish.

Spin-n-Sculpt - A 30/30 class consisting of a lively step for 30 minutes and a thirty minute weight training class.

Spin-n-Strength - Similar to Ripped Ride and to SOULFUL Cycle. Spin is enhanced by using various tools to include upper body strength work.

Strictly Step - "Guy Matthews" need we say more? Guy teaches step all over Philadelphia and keeps it alive in Avalon! Great choreography. Cardio workout that's mindful!

Strictly Strength - All chiseling and sculpting of the muscles. Consists of a quick warm-up and a systematic program to develop strength and muscle endurance.

Style, Strength and Sticks - A cardio intense choreographed and routine-based workout utilizing body weight, drumsticks, and other equipment to target all the major muscle groups.

Triathalon Fitness Training - Get expert coaching from certified veteran tri-athletes. Class requires you to bring your own bike. You will be coached during a five mile bike, and a three to five mile run. Training will consist of triathalon transitions, safety issues, and all aspects regarding triathalon motivation , nutritional preparation, and competitive personal success. Arrangements for swimming coaching will be made available. This class is a great training tool for current tri-athletes and is invaluable for those beginning tri training. This class is designed for all athletes!!!!!

Yoga - In our Studio - Powerful yet flowing and beautiful. Yoga that is strong, empowering, creative, and sometimes rythymic always with music. Everyone Welcome!

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